CHB Mail - 2021-06-10


Donated bulbs and wild flowers to bloom for WI anniversary


As springtime nears, a raised garden at Nellie Jull Park in Waipawa will erupt into blossom, courtesy of 400 bulbs donated by the CHB Federation of Women’s Institute. Earlycheer daffodils should pop up first, although the race will be on between those and the wildflowers sown at the same time. Then yellow daffodils will blaze in the sun, with the wildflowers staying strong after the daffodils have finished. The bulbs and flower seeds have been donated by the CHB Federation in honour of the centenary of Women’s Institutes in New Zealand, and a plaque on the garden wall will mark the occasion. President of Waipawa/Tikokino WI, Pat Pedersen, and president of Takapau/Otawhao WI, Mary Drummond — who is also vice president of the CHB Federation — joined committee members Judy Butler and Gwen Graham to help plant out the bulbs last week, accompanied by head gardener for Services, Chris Owen. Earlier, committee members had planted a kowhai tree — given by the NZ Federation of Women’s Instutute — in the Pukeora Forest of Memories to mark the 100 years anniversary. Chris Owen said the earlycheer should flower in late winter and “flower for weeks”. There will be some bulbs left over from the Waipawa planting that will be put in gardens at Pioneer Corner in Waipukurau. Recreational


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